Arranging of financing

In developing and executing the strategy of your company, financial needs can be higher than what can be financed by the company internally. Different reasons can be the cause of this: you would like to start up a new company but you do not have the financial means to do so. You want to, possibly with other management team members, buy out the existing shareholder (Management Buy-Out), or with new management engage in an existing company and buy in the existing share capital (Management Buy In). You are the existing shareholder and director of a company of which internal financial means are inadequate to finance a growth plan. There can be many reasons for arranging external equity and or debt financing. However, questions will arise:  what are usual conditions, what will be the influence of an external shareholder, what could be financed by the bank, which financing instruments and structure would best fit my objectives. These are some questions that you will encounter when you would like to raise additional funding. The advice of SpringFinance starts with a translation of the corporate strategy into a sound financial strategy. The definition of a clear business proposition (that often starts with financial scenario planning) in the language that investors and other financial providers speak is put central. SpringFinance gives attention to all aspects that are important to an investor or bank in order to come to a financing proposal. SpringFinance has at its disposal an extensive network of informal investors, venture capitalists, private equity houses and banks. We know the specific features and focus of different investors, so that we are able to find the best party that would fit your proposition.