Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions should take place within the broad strategic planning processes. The subject of strategy is central to M&A analysis because it provides the framework required for making sound M&A decisions. Starting point is that acquisitions must contribute to the business proposition of the company. SpringFinance acts as a sounding board whereby from different angles your company, strategy and the market environment is closely analyzed. Our sector focus enables us to best position your company and objectives. Our sector expertise will also lead to a more efficient selection process in finding the best acquisition candidate for your company. A careful execution of the acquisition process is decisive in whether an acquisition is successful or not. Closely monitoring the criteria during the process and during due diligence requires a thorough and conscientious working method and flawless co-ordination of the teams involved in the due diligence process. Co-ordination between lawyers, accountants and careful communication with the acquisition candidate are all aspects that SpringFinance masters.

SpringFinance can also help you with arranging the financing of the transactions.