Corporate & Financial Advisory

Our research is based mainly on the ICT and the Business Services sectors. The combination of our research skills and the detailed knowledge of the Capital Markets clearly gives us a competitive edge. With our know-how and experience we can thoroughly analyze your Company, the markets in which your company is active in and its dynamics. In doing so we are be able to clearly define your business proposition and assist you in formulating a clear (financial) strategy.
We can also assist you in identifying new opportunities. We have been asked by companies to assist them in fine-tuning their strategy, and review their M&A strategy together with conducting valuations to work out the financial consequences of a specific strategy. Our advice is hands-on so that that decisive action can be taken on for instance financing possibilities (like private equity or listing (IPO), acquisitions or on performance measurements and management control. We also advise listed companies on Capital Market instruments.

Mergers & Acquisitions should take place within the broad strategic planning processes of firms. The subject of strategy is central to M&A analysis because it provides the framework required for making sound M&A decisions. All organizations face strategic alternatives, choices, and decisions. Should the firm focus on one product or many? If many products, should they fall into a family of products that cover all segments of the market? Or should the firm seek an individual niche in which it can be profitable? For what activities will the firm gain learning and knowledge that will give its advantage over its competitors? Should a firm integrate forward to control distribution channels to the ultimate consumer? Should such shifts be through M&A or by internal development? The above listing represents only a sample of the strategic alternatives faced by companies. It is within this broader framework that M&A decisions should be made. With our knowledge of the sector we are able to put M&A decisions in the right perspective.