Company Valuation

An element that plays an important role in all transactions is valuation. A major cause in acquisition failure is a wrong value assessment. We see valuation as part of an integral strategic advice. We value businesses for:

  • portfolio analyse
  • the sale or acquisition process
  • buy-ins & buy-outs
  • fiscal or succession purposes
  • balance sheet purposes (impairment test)

Based on our specific sector knowledge in combination with our profound valuation skills we are able to provide you with an accurate assessment of the value of the company. We use different approaches to valuation; comparable companies or comparable transactions, the discounted cash flow method (or derivatives thereof), the options and the formula approach. Each valuation method provides information in order to help define the key value drivers of your firm.

For every deal we create a tailor made model, assessing the potential of the business, its value drivers and the consistency with underlying assumptions. Our knowledge of predefined sectors and experience with several acquisitions will put the valuation into the right perspective.