Restructuring Services

The formulation of the strategy of a company is a useful, broad guide for developing policies and decisions. But even broad strategic plans are subject to revision and augmentation both in anticipation of and in reaction to business dynamics. The portfolio and scope of activities should continuously be reviewed and modified on the basis of external changes and new insight and understanding. Restructuring can take the form of restructuring of ownership (divestments) or financial restructurings. Examples of motives and effects of restructurings activities include tax effects, regulatory effects, separate market prices for the entities, avoidance of a confusing mix of activities with favorable and unfavorable prospects and for monitoring managerial performance and valuation purposes. Financial restructuring is done in order toincrease shareholder value by optimizing the capital structure of the firm or in financial distress situations. SpringFinance advises you in (re)defining your corporate and financial strategy and assists you in the execution of necessary interventions and with the financing of your company. Our sector focus and experience will provide for the necessary speed in such processes.